Wealth is not determined by the amount of income but by the size of the property and assets.
It's not about how much you earn, but how you handle your money.

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

We offer you the most effective way of wealth building

Wealth is great. It goes hand in hand with freedom and allows the person not having to work and earn money for someone else. Wealthy person can engage in his hobbies or spend time with family. Moreover, with wealth you also have the ability of choosing to go on vacation whenever you please.

As wealth we may classify only those assets which are increasing value or generating returns. Cash is not an asset. It's difficult to find a millionaire who has build up his wealth thanks to term deposit account.

Your financial success depends
on three factors:

  • size of your investment,
  • growth rate of your investment,
  • horizon how long you let your money grow.

The first and the third factor is about your setup.
Thanks to compound interest Finax will take care
that your money will grow as quickly as possible.

Compound interest is a miracle

Investment performance of 10 000 €, return 8%, 30 years

Years Return on deposit Interest on interest Value of the investment
1 800 € 0 € 10 800 €
3 2 400 € 197 € 12 597 €
5 4 000 € 693 € 14 693 €
10 8 000 € 3 589 € 21 589 €
20 16 000 € 20 610 € 46 610 €
30 24 000 € 66 627 € 100 627 €

If you let the investment work for a longer period of time, the returns will be higher each year. The reason of this being the so-called compound interest, which means that in every subsequent period not only your initial deposit but also the returns you have already earned are appreciated. You get the so-called income from returns. When e.g. you invest 10,000 € with an average annual return of 8%, at the end of the first year your return is 800 €. The second year, the amount that is appreciated is 10,800 €. The return is then 864 € and your return for the first two years is 1,664 €. Consequently, 8% of 11,664 € is 933 € and the value of your investment at the beginning of the third year is 12 597 €.

Start investing today 

Take advantage of compound interest.

The effect of compound interest

One-time deposit
5 000€

Regular deposit

“This is the way how wealth
and wealthy people are created.”

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

One of the richest people in the world bought his first stock at the age of 11 and did not stop buying them until today, repeating regularly: "I regret that I haven't started sooner."

How to build wealth?

  1. Set up a plan how you wish to build your wealth.
  2. Spend less than you earn. Put aside a part of your income every month. Savings are more important than paying bills.
  3. To be rich you need to think long term.
  4. Do not be afraid to invest in stocks.
  5. Choose the right portfolio whose risk is sufficiently diversified and fits your profile.
  6. Stick to the plan and strategy. Regularly review and check them.
  7. Do not postpone investing for later, kick off today. The sooner you start the greater wealth you can build thanks to compound interest.

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My goal is to save for retirement
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  • buy a property
  • build wealth
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