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19. May 2023

Just keep buying, or a review of the financial bestseller

Is investing simple? Certainly simpler than many think. I got reassured of this by Nick Maggiulli and his "Just Keep Buying" In fact, it is worth buying. The book itself, as well as the shares.

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24. April 2023

Interview With Artificial Intelligence About Investing

Our interviews have never seen a guest like this. We asked ten questions about investing and the answers were provided by... artificial intelligence. It resulted in quite an informative discussion about the investment world.

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9. December 2022

Get a global benchmark for 10 EUR

Do you spend hours poring over rate charts? Create spreadsheets to count market indices? Do you start your day at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and end it on Wall Street? Invest 10 EUR and see if your sacrifice makes sense.

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During the pandemic we spent less and invested more |
17. September 2021

During the pandemic we spent less and invested more

According to the research of Finax and Prof. Krzysztof Waliszewski, during the pandemic 32,5% of respondents from Central European countries noted an increase in incomes and a half did not notice any significant changes in their financial situation. Therefore, the conclusions of the study are not surprising: you spend much less and invest more. Cool!

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