Finax manages portfolios cheaper, more profitable and more efficient.

If investing is entertaining, if you're having fun, you're
probably not making any money.
Good investing is boring.

George Soros
George Soros

More than 93% of people have lower return
on investment than what the market offers.

Why are we better than
traditional forms of investment?

  • We only invest in the largest and most successful companies and bonds.
  • We use tools thanks to which maximize your after-tax revenue.
  • We will set up a portfolio for you with optimal risk.
  • We spread the risk by investing to more than 10 000 world stocks and bonds.
  • We regularly optimize your portfolio to reach your goals.
  • With low fees we increase your profits.

You can make your savings grow on a cheaper and more efficient manner

We believe in passive investing that brings the highest returns in the long run.

Do not wait no more, move your investment to us and we will reward you. Up to 50% of the investment value will be managed free of charge.

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I need support

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Finax is affiliated with a deposit insurance scheme administered by the Investment Guarantee Fund. Your wealth is protected for amounts up to 50,000 euros. For more information, please visit

Our operations are overseen by the National Bank of Slovakia. Upholding our clients' best interests is an integral part of our mission. You can find the permission granted to Finax by the National Bank of Slovakia here.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, all return numbers mentioned are based on backtesting and do not reflect actual client performance. The portfolio value may both decrease and increase. Your investment can also result in a loss. Trading is risky.

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