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Diversification - how to earn more with lower risk | Finax.eu
15. March 2024

High Returns at Lower Risks: the Art of Diversification

Diversification is the key to passive investing. It's also a great and simple way of reducing an investment's risk, while stabilizing its long-term return. Portfolios of Finax are among the most widely diversified options on the market. How does diversification work and why is it so important to your investment?

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A great year for Finax: results and statistics for 2023 | Finax.eu
8. March 2024

A Great Year for Finax: Results and Statistics for 2023

Finax has had another great year. Our assets under management have grown significantly. We increased the number of clients, expanded our presence to virtually all EU countries, launched attractive new products, and even added a new B2B service. Take a look at Finax's 2023 results in our graphical statistics.

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26. January 2024

Finax Has Acquired ETFmatic and the Investment Activities of Aion Bank

The beginning of the year brought significant change to Finax. We made our first acquisition. We took over the investment division of the Belgian-Polish Aion Bank, including the first pan-European robo-advisor ETFmatic. In this article, we will answer what our motivation was to execute this deal, what it means for Finax and smart investors in the future.

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Finax brings solutions that savers could only dream of | Finax.eu
20. October 2023

Finax brings solutions that savers could only dream of

Finax was created to make efficient investing accessible to the masses, even if they have not yet built up a large fortune. We have brought to Slovakia a number of innovations that small investors could only dream of in the past.

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7. July 2023

Do Not Try to Time the Markets, You Will Earn Less

Every day, we witness the vain effort of investors trying to time their investments. Many people postpone it for years in the naive hope of a more profitable purchase. However, this is a pointless effort that robs them of earnings. In the end, those who are scared and speculate hurt the value of their wealth.

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24. February 2023

How finax performed in 2022

We continued to grow in 2022, which was a vastly different year in terms of the investment environment than the previous record year. Take a peek into the details of Finax's results. Discover interesting statistics about who our clients are and how we're doing.

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17. January 2023

Discount overview and higher invitation discount

We are launching a requested feature - the discount overview. On this occasion, we are increasing the discount for inviting a friend. In this blog, you will find out where to find the discount overview, how to invite a friend to Finax, and what discounts you can get at Finax.

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7. November 2022

Where Can I Get the Highest Pension? Is the European Pension, 3rd Pillar, or Intelligent Investing the Best?

The European Pension is a fresh competition to the Slovak 3rd pillar. It represents a cheaper and more efficient solution. On the other hand, it lacks state support. Which of the parameters prevails, leading to a higher pension? Which is the best option for retirement savings, the European pension or the 3rd pillar? We have done the calculations for you.

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