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We are changing the Intelligent Wallet: higher returns with lower risk | Finax.eu
15. November 2023

We are Changing the Intelligent Wallet: Higher Returns with Lower Risk

Some time ago, we promised to modify the Wallet portfolio to make it take full advantage of elevated money-market interest rates and to better match its risk to the recommended investment horizon. Read how a radical change in the bond market has invited the opportunity to achieve a higher yield at a lower risk.

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When will the interest on my savings account increase? | Finax.eu
13. October 2023

When Will the Interest on My Savings Account Increase?

Europeans are said to be more likely to walk away from their marriage than from their bank. Based on real statistics on the average length of marital and banking relationships, this is indeed true. In today's blog, we'll explain how this phrase relates to the fact that you're still getting low interest on your savings account.

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18. August 2023

Last Year, It Paid to Switch From Real Estate to Equities

So a year ago, we pointed out that investment property probably had its best years behind it. They offered such a unique opportunity to sell and flip assets into beaten-up equities. With a year's hindsight, we can say with a clear conscience that real estate has slipped into the lows, while stocks have begun to recover sharply.

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14. July 2023

Semi-Annual Investment Comparison: How Did Finax and Funds Ride the Market Recovery Wave?

We have experienced a six-month period in which markets have started to recover from last year's declines. Read our regular comparison of the performance of the Finax passive portfolios and the most popular mutual funds. Find out which players missed out on the growth wave and which have offered the best returns over the past year.

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26. May 2023

Markets once again demonstrate the power of diversification

Diversification is absolutely essential in the world of investing. Spreading your money widely protects you from the downfalls of a particular investment and allows you to capture the growing parts of the market. But is broad diversification worth it in times of stagnant markets? Or is it a surefire way to achieve below-average returns these days?

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24. March 2023

Performance of Finax and mutual fund portfolios in 2022

We bring you a traditional comparison of the returns of Finax and mutual fund strategies in the year that brought the longest bear market since the Global Financial Crisis. Has active management been able to defend itself better than passive investing? Or did Finax maintain its lead from previous years? The answers can be found in the article.

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17. March 2023

How do we calculate the actual performance of Finax portfolios?

On the occasion of our fifth anniversary, we are changing our methodology for publishing portfolio performance. You will now see actual performance instead of modeled results in the return tables. How do we calculate this number and how does it differ from the modeled performance? Find out the answer in this article.

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3. March 2023

Things You Learn When You're Young... How to Handle Finances in College?

Are you entering the student years of your life? Or are you still deciding where to go to "college" as graduation approaches? In addition to the looming exams, there may be some expenses that are putting wrinkles on your forehead. But don't stress, we've put together a few tips that will make the stereotype of the financially ruined student a stranger to you.

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