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3 Months for Free: Invest Now, Pay Later! |
1. April 2024

3 Months for Free: Invest Now, Pay Later!

With spring just around the corner, we are bringing a new promotion, aiming to give both our new and current clients an opportunity to try investing or a new product free of charge. All the deposits made in April are going to be managed for free for three months.

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26. January 2024

Finax Has Acquired ETFmatic and the Investment Activities of Aion Bank

The beginning of the year brought significant change to Finax. We made our first acquisition. We took over the investment division of the Belgian-Polish Aion Bank, including the first pan-European robo-advisor ETFmatic. In this article, we will answer what our motivation was to execute this deal, what it means for Finax and smart investors in the future.

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Enhanced Security: Introducing KBC as Our New Custodian |
15. December 2023

Enhanced Security: Introducing KBC as Our New Custodian

Ensuring the security of client assets is one of our top priorities. As the volume of assets under our management has been growing, we recognized the need for continuous improvements in this area. Therefore, we are proud to announce that your wealth will now be safeguarded by one of Europe's leading custodians: the Belgian bank KBC.

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Generous Christmas: the more you put in, the more you save (from €5,000) |
1. December 2023

Promotion is over: Generous Christmas - the more you put in, the more you save (from €5,000)

Finax has prepared a truly generous Christmas for you this year. We offer you the opportunity to get the biggest discount in our history. Make yourself happy and give yourself an investment for your future. We'll reward you by managing your savings for a year for free.

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We are changing the Intelligent Wallet: higher returns with lower risk |
15. November 2023

We are Changing the Intelligent Wallet: Higher Returns with Lower Risk

Some time ago, we promised to modify the Wallet portfolio to make it take full advantage of elevated money-market interest rates and to better match its risk to the recommended investment horizon. Read how a radical change in the bond market has invited the opportunity to achieve a higher yield at a lower risk.

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Smart deposit even more profitable in October |
1. October 2023

Promotion is over: Smart deposit even more profitable in October

You must have heard about our latest addition to the product family. The Smart Deposit, a killer of savings and term accounts, is our most conservative investment product. With a gross annual return of 3.8%*, it's built on ETFs and is designed to hold your savings for up to one year. However, it will be even more profitable in October.

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Smart Deposit - the killer of savings and term accounts |
22. September 2023

Smart Deposit - The Killer of Savings and Term Accounts

Central banks have raised interest rates significantly. Deposit your money liquidly at market interest rates that banks will not offer you without extra conditions in their checking and savings accounts. Start appreciating even short-term savings. The Conservative Smart Deposit with a 3.8% yield is built on ETFs that aim to replicate the interest rate of central bank and bond ETFs with maturities of up to half a year.

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1. July 2023

We're Keeping Our Word and Making It Cheaper: The Deposit Fee Is Over

Last October, we made a promise to you that we would abolish the deposit fee after reaching total deposits of €500 million. We are proud to announce that we have achieved this goal together. We are abolishing the payment processing fee for good.

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