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Smart deposit even more profitable in October |
1. October 2023

Promotion is over: Smart deposit even more profitable in October

You must have heard about our latest addition to the product family. The Smart Deposit, a killer of savings and term accounts, is our most conservative investment product. With a gross annual return of 3.8%*, it's built on ETFs and is designed to hold your savings for up to one year. However, it will be even more profitable in October.

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Smart Deposit - the killer of savings and term accounts |
22. September 2023

Smart Deposit - The Killer of Savings and Term Accounts

Central banks have raised interest rates significantly. Deposit your money liquidly at market interest rates that banks will not offer you without extra conditions in their checking and savings accounts. Start appreciating even short-term savings. The Conservative Smart Deposit with a 3.6% yield is built on ETFs that aim to replicate the interest rate of central bank and bond ETFs with maturities of up to half a year.

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1. July 2023

We're Keeping Our Word and Making It Cheaper: The Deposit Fee Is Over

Last October, we made a promise to you that we would abolish the deposit fee after reaching total deposits of €500 million. We are proud to announce that we have achieved this goal together. We are abolishing the payment processing fee for good.

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21. June 2023

Information about a documentation change

Please be advised that we are updating our contractual documentation due to waiving the fee and launching of our new Smart Deposit product.

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30. April 2023

My Year on the Finax Team

So a year ago I fulfilled my career goal and started working at Finax. I can still consider myself a rookie, on the other hand, I've been here long enough to be able to evaluate. That's why I decided to share my experiences and describe what brought me here. And if you're worried that it will be all positive, it will be. What else is there to write about a job that can be summed up in one word, dream job?

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16. April 2023

Fee Abolition Is Imminent... and You Can Help Bring It Faster!

Making Intelligent Investing cheaper is our long-term goal. In the past, we've introduced several discounts and launched the lower-fee Elite program. Our next step is to abolish the deposit fee – forever and for everyone. Only one last condition keeps us from waiving it right now. Its fulfillment is in your hands, Intelligent Investors.

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17. January 2023

Discount overview and higher invitation discount

We are launching a requested feature - the discount overview. On this occasion, we are increasing the discount for inviting a friend. In this blog, you will find out where to find the discount overview, how to invite a friend to Finax, and what discounts you can get at Finax.

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30. September 2022

Introducing the European Pension (PEPP)

Finax has achieved a significant victory of European scope. We became the first-ever entity in Europe to be authorized to provide a pan-European personal pension product, making Slovaks the first EU citizens to be able to open this new voluntary pension product.

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