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30. November 2020

Daniel Prokop – drawn by the vision of financial independence

My name is Daniel and I am 23. I work in the cyclical sector (in car industry) in mechatronics in Malacky.

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How did Finax do in the second year of its existence? | Finax.eu
24. February 2020

How did Finax do in the second year of its existence?

In the second year of its operation, Finax once again managed to achieve the ambitious plans that we have set. The number of clients and total assets under management have met the expected targets. We are publishing detailed results of Finax and also some interesting statistics of our investment activities.

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Review of 2019 and Finax plans for 2020 | Finax.en
18. February 2020

Review of 2019 and Finax plans for 2020

Finax has had a very successful second year of existence. We have fulfilled our ambitious plans beyond expectations. However, we do not plan on slowing down in the future. What are our plans for 2020?

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Invest as the richest Slovak | Finax.en
28. November 2019

Invest as the richest Slovak

Finax makes the account of the richest Slovak transparent. See how Ivan Chrenko, a majority shareholder of HB Reavis, invests and familiarize yourself with the investment opportunities that Finax offers. Invest advantageously as the most creditworthy clients, regardless of the size of your assets.

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inPZU vs. Intelligent Investing | Finax.eu
11. November 2019

inPZU vs. Finax Intelligent Investing

PZU is one of the biggest financial institution in CEE region with almost 200 years of history and is Poland's biggest and oldest insurance company. Last year they introduced a new investment product inPZU to the market. Is this product a good option to invest, or the investors have better options possibly?

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23. October 2018

Ing. Peter Pašek - active investor's path to passive

Mr. Pašek is executive director and partner at Accace, one of the largest accounting and consulting companies in Slovakia. The world of finance is not only his job, but also his lifelong passion. In the past, he has been intensively engaged in active financial market trading, but like many active investors, he eventually understood the benefits of passive investment and joined the group of Finax's satisfied clients.

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10. September 2018

MUDr. Milan Brežný - why did I become a client of Finax

Thanks to Finax blogs, Mr. Brežný found out that he has been using unprofitable saving products. „I regret that; I could have earned twice more.“ Read the story of how he became our client.

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1. April 2018

Finax beats mutual funds and their performance

Finax Intelligent Investing beats the vast majority of its competitors. Take a look at how Finax outperforms the best-selling mutual funds in Slovakia.

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