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A great year for Finax: results and statistics for 2023 | Finax.eu
8. March 2024

A Great Year for Finax: Results and Statistics for 2023

Finax has had another great year. Our assets under management have grown significantly. We increased the number of clients, expanded our presence to virtually all EU countries, launched attractive new products, and even added a new B2B service. Take a look at Finax's 2023 results in our graphical statistics.

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Finax's Plans for 2024 | Finax.eu
1. March 2024

Finax's Plans for 2024

The year 2024 will be marked by Finax's expansion with the goal of making it a renowned international company in the field of investing and retirement savings. Read on to learn how we plan to advance Finax on its journey to success.

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A Year of Doubts and Opportunities: Finax Performance in 2023 | Finax.eu
16. February 2024

A Year of Doubts and Opportunities: Finax Performance in 2023

Despite many reasons for panic, financial markets did extraordinarily well in the past year. Inflation has fallen, recession was avoided, and we could witness a sharp recovery. How have Finax's passive portfolios capitalized on this opportunity? Take a look at our regular performance overview.

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14. July 2023

Semi-Annual Investment Comparison: How Did Finax and Funds Ride the Market Recovery Wave?

We have experienced a six-month period in which markets have started to recover from last year's declines. Read our regular comparison of the performance of the Finax passive portfolios and the most popular mutual funds. Find out which players missed out on the growth wave and which have offered the best returns over the past year.

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24. March 2023

Performance of Finax and mutual fund portfolios in 2022

We bring you a traditional comparison of the returns of Finax and mutual fund strategies in the year that brought the longest bear market since the Global Financial Crisis. Has active management been able to defend itself better than passive investing? Or did Finax maintain its lead from previous years? The answers can be found in the article.

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8. March 2023

Finax plans for 2023

Are you curious about what we will bring you in 2023? Investing and personal finance will get even easier and more fun. You can look forward to a hefty dose of improvements.

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24. February 2023

How finax performed in 2022

We continued to grow in 2022, which was a vastly different year in terms of the investment environment than the previous record year. Take a peek into the details of Finax's results. Discover interesting statistics about who our clients are and how we're doing.

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25. August 2022

Comparison of Investments After Challenging 6 Months

Learn how passive Intelligent Investing and the most popular mutual funds fared in the first half of 2022. We prepared a popular regular comparison of the performance of Finax's investment strategies to the competition.

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