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12. May 2023

Which is more important: saving or investing?

It is said that investing is the key to financial success. In our pursuit of wealth, we often spend a lot of time trying to find the investment that will give us the highest rate of return. Meanwhile, it turns out that we may be looking in the wrong direction....

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14. April 2023

S&P 500 Index - What Is It?

When talking about the economy and investing, experts often cite the performance of the S&P 500 index. What exactly is it? How does it work? And why is it so important? You can learn the answers in this article.

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6. April 2023

Is My Money Safe in the Bank?

In recent weeks, people's confidence in the banking system has been shaken by the collapse of some major US banks and the second largest Swiss bank, Credit Suisse. What should you do if you are worried about your bank deposits? Is your fear justified?

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3. March 2023

Things You Learn When You're Young... How to Handle Finances in College?

Are you entering the student years of your life? Or are you still deciding where to go to "college" as graduation approaches? In addition to the looming exams, there may be some expenses that are putting wrinkles on your forehead. But don't stress, we've put together a few tips that will make the stereotype of the financially ruined student a stranger to you.

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16. February 2023

Top 8 Books on Investing.... and more

There's never enough knowledge. This also applies to finance, so we present our list of the 10 best books on investing. These readings will help you better understand both the market and yourself, which means making better investment decisions over the long term. Enjoy your reading!

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10. February 2023

Die With Zero on Your Account

In today's world, we spend our lifetimes focusing on how to acquire enough money to be well off in our old age. But is this the right direction to lead a happy life? Inspired by Bill Perkins´ book Die With Zero, we take a very different view and explore ideas on how to maximize the utility of money in life.

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3. February 2023

When Is Insurance Worth Getting?

There are many risks in life. A cancer diagnosis, a work accident, or a sudden death can cross our path at any time. Although these are rare events, fortune favors the prepared. Can insurance help in such cases? We examined when it is ideal to get.

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13. January 2023

How Many Actively Managed Mutual Funds Regularly Beat the Market?

In times of declining markets, it's easy to dismiss passive investing. After all, markets do fall, and holding indices that replicate them guarantees a loss. Many start looking around for actively managed mutual funds during such times. How many of these have managed to deliver above-average returns on a regular basis in recent years? We looked at the numbers.

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