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Dominik Hrbatý has earned 30% in 3 years at Finax

In order to show our services to our clients and potential clients, Domino has decided to make part of his investments public. How have his investments appreciated over the years (account balance as of 3.5.2021)?

Juraj Hrbatý | Our results | 15. June 2021

Domino is a former tennis player and his years of actively earning money are long gone. During his career, he invested most of his earnings and he still continues to build his wealth successfully, quadrupling his tennis earnings.

To show regular investors how their investment with Finax can appreciate, he decided to make his account public. In mid-May 2018, he opened two accounts in Finax. In the first one, he saves for his daughter every month €50 with an investment horizon of 18 years. With this account, he wants to show that every Slovak household is able to start investing.

For the second account, he decided to invest €100,000 there. With this account, he wants to show that Intelligent Investing with Finax is in terms of returns, taxes, costs, convenience and simplicity of the investment an unrivalled investment product in Slovakia.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns and your investment may result in a loss. Find out what risks you are taking when investing. The client portfolio, of which results are shown, may not be suitable for you. 

How are Dominik's investments at Finax performing?

In the account with a lump sum investment, the algorithm selected a portfolio composed of 80% equities and 20% bonds.

Dominic's May 2018 deposit has appreciated by 24.88% in less than three years (as of 3.5.2021), an average of 7.78% p.a., which is an excellent result given the current pandemic situation in the world. 

However, in addition to the first deposit, Dominik, as a good investor, took advantage of the pandemic to invest an additional €10,000. At that time, he also gave us an interview (Dominik Hrbatý and his reaction to the 3rd financial crisis).

Due to the excellent timing, as he managed to seize the best possible opportunity, his total deposit of € 110,000 has appreciated to today's €143,552, a return of 30.5%, or 9.4% per annum.

You can see the development of his portfolio directly on Dominic's transparent account or in the following chart:

For his daughter's account, based on his answers to the questionnaire, the algorithm had chosen 100% equities and 0% bonds allocation. Over almost three years, Domino deposited €1,800 into this account, thereof the total payment processing fee accounted for €16. Currently, the account's balance is €2,254.

His deposits appreciated by 26.35% over three years, but the strategy's return, beginning with his first deposit, is 34.75%, or 10.75% per annum.

As Dominik is a long-term investor, he does not have to pay any taxes on his returns. Thus, he managed to save in total €6,464 on taxes. If he had invested in classic mutual funds, he would not be able to make use of this tax exemption. Read more about taxes here.

Start investing today 

All in all, Dominik has already earned €34,021 on both accounts over the last three years, which represents a return of 30.43%. Both accounts include standard fees and discounts as stated in the service price list. 

You can have a look at his account here.

Thanks to Domino's transparent account, you can track and compare your investments with Finax. We believe that passive investing is the best form of investing for regular people in the long term. With zero taxation, fees as low as 1% and optimally set risk, you have the opportunity to earn more compared to using an outdated forms of investing.

Additionally, if you move your non-performing investments to Finax, you'll receive an additional discount - 50% of the transferred investment will be managed free of charge for 2 years. So, you will earn even more.

Put your savings to better use, let them work and make the most out of them at optimal risk.

Dominik Hrbatý: "Investing with Finax has met my expectations. "I am satisfied, I’ve earned 30% in 3 years. 

Juraj Hrbatý
Juraj Hrbatý
Chief Executive Officer
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